Saturday, December 26, 2009

Im Alive!!!!!!!!!!

So I am alive!!!!

Probably lost alot of followers but i've had some drama (understatement) going on in my life so I have been unable to blog. I do have some pics that I will be posting asap. I will be back normally soon with some posts and maybe some good news. I have to go to the Dr. on Tuesday and have some tests run to let me know weather I've got cancer or not. Fun fun but i'm thinking about the best and worring about the worst but i'm sure it will work out in the end. Well Ladies it has been a crazy year and I wish everyone a

Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will be posting some great things soon.


  1. Not a nice thing to have hanging over your head during the holidays. I hope the tests come back negative and that they will find what the problem is. Not knowing is the worst.

    You have a happy new year too!