Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day & Sally's Nail Haul

Happy Late Memorial Day everyone I just want to take a moment of silence on my blog to say thank you to all the military people out there.
Thank you,
In memory of my grandfather Dean:
Sally's had a sale this weekend 50% off already reduced merch. So I picked up some more Orly. I am really likeing this polish brand good application and being I got them for like 1.50 a bottle double score.

here are some pics of what I got also i picked up ther original french manicure box for like 2.50. cant wait to experiment. Also I had some nail breakage this weekend so some pics of the damage. My middle finger is wrecked. My index is short but workable as is my thumb. Well time to double up on the nail grower.

I also picked up sinful daddys girl after admiring it on
Her site has alot of great nail art. I like the color just as much in person. Although my swatch is kinda ruff I just need to play with it a little and give it more time to dry.
The swatches are as follows
pinky: cut the cake a shimmer beige/pink think ill use it as a layer
ring: sky blue pink says its good for natural french manicure
middle: walk down the aisle another shimmer w/ blue
index: nxy lime sparkle layer material very pretty
thumb: nxy carnation fun color good base for nail art maybe
index right: Sinful daddys girl sparkle chips very cool a must see in person

Cherry Culture Haul Pt 2

So I finally recieved my 2nd haul from Cherry Culture. After it took a little vacation to Ohio and than back to Missouri and than finally Home sweet home Illinois. Don't ask me why it passed throught my state 3 times before making it to my door. I do not blame the company I blame the assholes at the damn post office. If you are a postal worker and reading my blog please feel free to explain to me what the hell is wrong with you, and every other shipping company, Yeah I am talking to you UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, and those I may have forgotten to mention during my little rant.

Now on to the make up goodness:
3 bottles of glitter : purple,blue, yellow pearl
1 jumbo eye pencil : in Hot Pink
eyeshadow (singles) : kiwi and yellow pearl
nail polish : lime sparkle and carnation

all by NYX I am very pleased with everything I have gotten from them I did get everything 50% off during the sale but I would gladly pay regular price. There prices are not that bad either. I will be including more swatches as soon as I can get the pics taken.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Polish Swatches

So here are some swatches of new polishes i've gotten. I am loving all these colors.
Pinky - Sinful = whats your name
Ring - China Glaze = Spontaneous
Middle - NYX = Paadise
Index - NXY = Ocean
Thumb - Colorclub = All In
Nail stripes aqua club aqua,silver, limeade
I like them all ocean was a little more silver than blue but still pretty. Application was pretty smooth on all ocean 3 coats all others 2.
Here are some pics enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Pics !!!!!!!!!!!

hollywood & cherry


As promised some pics and there is some great nail art pics on the way. I used the holo CG l8r G8r and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have to get the whole product line. Also swatches of my nyx eye shadows sorry if they are not as focused as the other pics. I hope you enjoy. I am really loving these products and I definetly recomend them. Do you guys have any of these products? Let me know i'd love to check your blogs and see pics of them.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So part of my massive haul has started arriving in the mail.
Here is a breakdown of all that I orderd from http://www.8ty8beauty.com/ :
China Glaze: For audrey, l8r g8r, spontaneous
Color Club, art club: All in, limeade (nail art)
Nail Polish remover pads with built in tab to hold it with so you dont ruin your polish. Great invention!!
All In all my experience with this company was pretty good shipping was fast from NY to IL. Wonderful price on the polish. I had to call them to make sure they recieved my order since I placed it Sat night and never heard anything. Guy on the phone was a little rude with the we are closed on sundays even though HIS DAMN WEBSITE says OPEN ON SUNDAY CLOSED SAT. (But whatever) I will still probably order from them again they are not any worse that the evil skanks at Sallys who act all rude everytime i'm in there. At least ordering via computer cuts down on some of the rude people interaction. Plus I am very happy with my polishes and they were packed very well so 4 out of 5 stars would have been 5 if not for the annoying assness on the phone.

polishes: Ocean and Paradise
eyeshadow: Cherry and Hollywood
glitterwand: Tokyo Night and Azure
Glitter (lose) Fuschia and Lime
There are more items coming from this company but they were ordered seperetly. Shipping was pretty fast from CA to IL. handeling took a little time but this was all bought during the 50% off NYX so i was forwarned it may take a little longer to process orders. So it was totally worth it. Packaging was well done. I cant wait to get my 2nd order. I hope you all took advantage of the 50% off. 1st order shipping was a good price 2nd order shipping was free. wish I had known they were changing there special i would have waited a couple days and ordered it all at once.
i am giving them 5 out of 5 stars. Great company will buy from again they have lots of great stuff and even there regular prices did not seem bad to me.

Loreal Hip blush in coquette bought at the grocery store for $2.50. Very nice, i have a couple of eyeshadows from this brand but not the blush i really like it and for 2.50 could not pass up. Funny the odd little places you find stuff.

meijer allthough they made me mad last week and i walked out with out buying anything i went back and got some color club nail art in solid silver and aqua. Still an ok price. But not as cheap as 88 beauty supply.
But i did get to bring them right home.

I will add some pics tomorrow of everything. For now here is a pic of for audrey. I am including a couple so you can see how it can look kind of green in some light and blue in other light. But a very wonderful color that im going to have to order more of before i cant find it any more.
I also went and got my cuticals trimmed at the local cosmotology school so they look ok but I think they could look better might have to go back next week. I know there learning but shouldnt they learn to do it right the 1st time? Owell i guess i expect too much from the world a friendly cashier and someone to do what im paying them to do.

I will also be adding some new nail art i;m just too tired to work on it tonight. 9 hr shifts with no break are starting to catch up with me.
Well ladies have a great night!!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


So I bought my first bottle of Orly np this weekend. And I must say I was very impressed. I got My Beau #40677 at walgreens on clearance for $3.49. (not sure if thats a good price but I was o.k. with it). Also I got Arissa a new brand at family dollar $2.00 in rockin amethyst. Worth the money very nice application. My pics are not that great cause I was at work all day around chemicals and opening boxes so there is some wear and tear but I think you will get the general idea. I have also put in orders to eighty eight beauty and Cherry culture. So hopefully they will arive soon. I am very excited cherry culture has NYX 50% off till the 15th so take advantage and shipping is very resonable.
Here are links to both:

The chick over at (52)Flavors also has one of the arissa polishes so I a, attaching a link to her site but i am not sure if she has put any pics up yet. But take a look for it i think its a couple posts back.

I was very happy with the application mine just looks funky from work. Plus i didnt get good pics cause its dark out of the bottles and my cam batteries died so no reshots till new ones.

Its a cool purple with flecks. $2.00 I am saying grab it next time your in a family dollar they have other colors that was just the one that caught my eye. If you dont have any orly try walgreens clearance its a nice base color I am going to try some stamping over it. Look for posts soon.
Also here are the links for the guy selling the stamp set that I purchased on ebay
just look under stamping. Come from Hong Kong so shipping takes about a week or two but well worth it. Great service and please mention Lisa and Mohamed sent you.
Well that is it for now. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. I know I took my little furbaby out shopping on sunday for some goodies at Pet Smart.
Also in end note please donate to animal shelters and animal causes in this time of need lets not forget our four legged friends need some help too. A dollar here a penny there it all helps. Always try to do one good deed per day it makes you feel better trust me. O.k . enough bable Goodnight

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sicky Poo

So I was going to do some nail stamping when I got off work today. But I have felt like the world is spining. Not a ride I stood in line for. So I figured nail polish fumes even as well ventalated as I try to be. Did not seem like a good idea. So I will be back with more stamps tomorrow.

I am posting a link to a site calles cute overload not sure if you know it but its all about amimals. Cute awesome fuzzy/non fuzzy animals! So when I feel icky or just need something to go AAAWWWW!!!! The site is always there with updates daily if not more per day.

Check it out. Now i'm off to catch up on all my children. My total soap weekness. So do any of you watch AMC or like fuzzy animals (but than again who doesn't like fuzzy animals?). Let me know i'd love someone to yak about soap plots with. Also whats your feeling icky routine?

Here are a couple pics of Gizmo my own cute overload right at home.

SO the top pic ws snapped by mo as he was going into the garage. I think gizmo was looking for a wrentch.
2nd and 3rd Gizmo in his blur prince shirt looking silly and oh so serious and stern
than the pivital tongue to nose action how silly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


More pics .......................

also i have plates 1 - 6 i will posting a link as soon as i can find one to the ebay sellar cause i know some people reqst it. also i may have found another place to get plates from so when i can verify that ill let ya know