Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day & Sally's Nail Haul

Happy Late Memorial Day everyone I just want to take a moment of silence on my blog to say thank you to all the military people out there.
Thank you,
In memory of my grandfather Dean:
Sally's had a sale this weekend 50% off already reduced merch. So I picked up some more Orly. I am really likeing this polish brand good application and being I got them for like 1.50 a bottle double score.

here are some pics of what I got also i picked up ther original french manicure box for like 2.50. cant wait to experiment. Also I had some nail breakage this weekend so some pics of the damage. My middle finger is wrecked. My index is short but workable as is my thumb. Well time to double up on the nail grower.

I also picked up sinful daddys girl after admiring it on
Her site has alot of great nail art. I like the color just as much in person. Although my swatch is kinda ruff I just need to play with it a little and give it more time to dry.
The swatches are as follows
pinky: cut the cake a shimmer beige/pink think ill use it as a layer
ring: sky blue pink says its good for natural french manicure
middle: walk down the aisle another shimmer w/ blue
index: nxy lime sparkle layer material very pretty
thumb: nxy carnation fun color good base for nail art maybe
index right: Sinful daddys girl sparkle chips very cool a must see in person


  1. What nice photos to model all the orly goodies you picked up from Sallys. I have Daddy's Girl,it's a cool looking polish to wear.

  2. Nice posting for Memorial Day. I like all the colors you bought. I have to cut all my nails one length when they break. They would drive me nuts otherwise.