Wednesday, June 10, 2009

88 Beauty Haul

So I have been working 10 hr shifts and been so tired at night that I havent even wanted to do my nails. But that hasnt stopped me from shooping behold my lates haul from eighty eight beauty supply

4 china glazes ans 1 color club

I have to say that I love them they are wonderful colors!!!!!!!!!

CG dv8 greenish blue halo
CG idk purple halo at its best
CG Joy a burgandy pink?
CG Wagon Trail brown/green/gold hint/antique
CC worth the risque silver halo very pretty quick drying

I am loving halos right now color club has some more great ones but 88 was out so maybe next shopping spree ill get some. Does anyone know any stores that sell color club? I have yet to come across it anywhere but the web.

Also I ended up with wagon trail and Joy because of some great konading on Brooke's site:

She did some great work with these colors hopefully soon i'll have some time to bust out the stamp kit and try some looks out. Till than check out her wonderful looks for these great colors in action.

I only swatched these so thats why they dont look very clean. They all applied very well. I think wagon trails will need 3 coats cause it was a little streaky at 1st but that might have just been me being all dorky and excited that I had the color to swap.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you can come up with these colors. Great picks!