Wednesday, June 10, 2009

25th Birthday

I am just a posting fool today ladies~!

Well June 18th is my 25th birthday and I am EXCITED!!!!!!! Quater of a century old!!!!!! So anyone near Springfield Il Please feel free to join me as I celebrate with all my friends and family. We will be doing the bar thing the 18th and a cook out the 21st!!!! The more the merrier!!!

Just let me know so the more food I can get!!!
I will also be holding a contest soon, more details to follow once I figure them all out (ha ha silly me gotta think some things through) I am sure it will have something to do with the number 25 though.

Also lots more nail art, some makeup looks, hair styles, and fun funky Lisa related things. And maybe just maybe a visit from the monkeys!!!!!!!!! (How exciting)

SO stay tuned ladies for some big things!

I would love to get a cake like this with the Hello Kitty like that sitting on it. Maybe I'll Have to scope out bakerys.


  1. Happy Birthday! Have fun celebrating!

  2. Happy upcoming Birthday! Looking forward to hall the things you'll be doing. I would've loved to come but your a little out of my way. I'm in New Jersey. Oh well, sounds like you'll be having a good time.

  3. Happy up-coming b-day!

    Isn't it amazing what they can do with cakes now-a-days?

  4. Birthdays are so fun, and lots of parties are even more fun :-) Happy upcoming birthday !

  5. What's happened to you? I enjoyed reading your blog. You turn 18 and then forget us? I hope your alright. Please post soon. Or else let us know your quitting so I can delete you off my list.

  6. Crap, I meant your 25th birthday!