Thursday, July 22, 2010

this is horrible

ok so this is a disgrace to nail polish lovers everywhere what the hell was this woman thinking? And her punishment wtf she killed someone and she gets to come and go? Yeah way to go justice system.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finished with the scarf

here is the finished scarf for my mom complete w/ alpaca fiber peace sign

sinful lets meet and dream on

so today we have sinful lets meet - yellow w/ shimmer 3 coats and dream on- purple mat 4 coats it tends to dry a little streaky but since i was using the stripes i figured it didnt matter. im not happy with my pics they did not turn out as well as i thought they would. the yellow is more bright in real life and the purple is more purple. good color combo i thought though i also like the stripe colors. so ladies what do u think?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mom's scarf... knitting project

Here is a pic of the scarf i'm working on for my mom's bday. I'm going to attatch a peace sign that i make with needle felting with alpaca fur. I also have a purse im making her i'll show pics of it when im done.
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China Glaze For Audrey and Silver Art Club Stripe

Just some silver stripes i like how the ring and index fingers look on my left hand. Going to try a water marble with this color when i get some time

scrapbooking pages - picture heavy

So here are some pics of layouts i've done for my scrapbook. I really enjoy scrapbooking it can be an exspensive hobby but I try to use magazine clippings and lots of sales items to ley some of the cost. So few things you may not know about me I have lived at the Grand Canyon Natl. Park in Arizona. I worked for Xanterra and had the joy of living there from 2002- 2004. There are some scrap pages with some of my G.C. experiences. I am a great Titanic lover, long before the movie I enjoyed reading and hearing things about the Titanic. The movie just further fueled my passion I was lucky enough to get to visit the musuem in Branson,Mo. Most people know about Gizmo my maltese but here are a few pics of him when I first got him. Also some pics of the St. Louis Botanical gardens. Hope you enjoy. Gizmo's cleaning service
Gizmo when we first got him @ 8months old

More Gizmo

Art club trip page 2

art club trip sophmore year

Titanic musuem @ Branson, Mo life jacket

Titanic Musuem page 2 picture from the memorial service

Titanic Museum page 3 my boarding pass

Titanic Musuem page 4 Lady Duff Gordans Dresses

Me and Scarlett the bird @ Hopi House in AZ

1st Christmas in AZ.

My move to the Grand Canyon.

Senior Picture

Page 2 All grown up!

My baby picture page 1 in 2page spread
St. Louis Botanical Garden Dragonflys and Water lillies
Fountain @ St. Louis Botanical Gardens
Page 2 Flower gardens
Page 1 flower gardens

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sally Hansen Sunrise, Sunset w/ S.H. Hidden Treasures

Today we have Sun rise, Sun set w/ hidden treasure over top. Sunrise sunset used to be one of my fav polishes but for some reason i'm not really feeling it. Its still pretty but im just not loveing it how i used to guess it happens. This is 3 coats and 1 -2 swipes of hidden treasure over top.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milani CyberSpace

Today we have Milani CyberSpace!
Can we say holo goodness! This is blue almost a baby blue looks kinda blue grey tone in some light. Application was good I did 3 coats. Dry time was fast like most holos. I have had this on for about 9 days and chip wear is normal but not bad for being a holo so therefor no top coat. I am very impressed and would like to get more. I picked this up at meijer for 2.99 or 3.99 can't remember. They had a green, a purple and a gold but when I went back they only had the gold left. Since im not much of a gold person I left it behind. Would love to find that green though. I have a few of the China Glaze holos and I love them so this polish lived up to my holo standard and then some. A must have if u dont have any of the CG ones. Milani has put out some great collections and are available in most drugstores. Also there makeup is very good with a rich pigment I have some of there eyeshadows so i'll try and get a review up for that soon.
look at all that holo goodness
although the flash is on it is pretty true to color

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nail Polish Cont... Color Club, Essie

Here we have color club and essie 2 brands that i've only got 2 of and want so many more. They are great!!!!!!!! Good application and colors are awesome. Cant wait to add more to my collection.

(L - R) WOrth the Risque, All in

(L - R) Mint Candy Apple, Chinchilly

Nail Polish Cont... OPI, NYX, Finger Paints

Finger paints are great i only have these colors but they are nice good application and color payoff was beautiful. Would love to get som more, they have some great glitter colors out right now.

(L - R) Lilac Love, Berry Shiny, art dealer teal-er

(L - R) malaga wine, yoga-ta get this blue, miami beet, melody in mocha

I love OPI they put out some great colors but $8.00 and up a bottle i do love the sets they come out with. I used to have lincoln park but it got broke when i let a friend borrow it. It was a great color too.
(L - R) carnation, ocean, lime sparkle, paradise

I love NYX cosmetics they are great and there polish is awesome too

Cont...... Polish pics Sinful

Sinful Polishes - Great price, awesome color variety, mostly good application depending on the shade, I mean come on these people have been around forever they are deffinetly doing something right. Do you guys remember Daisy the Pig? Very old shade it was amazing I don't have it anymore but if any of u do can u post a swatch. Memories...... Sorry almost broke into song. Urge over moving on. Alot of these i've shown on the site some not but I will be reposting swatches of everything in my stash soon just wanted to get the bottle shots over with.
My only complaint is Sinful polishes take forever and a day to dry. I have heard this on many blogs so I don't feel so bad. Wonderful Sinful creators can u speed up dry time other than that please keep doing everything else u have been doing. Oh and re-launch Daisy the Pig and some of the other oldies but goodies. 5*****!!!!!

Out of this World
(L - R) What's your name? , Bali Mist, Tokyo Doll

(L - R) I Love You, Dream On, Euro Trash

(L - R) All About You, Daddy's Girl, Show Me The Way

( L -R) Serena and Chloe, Let's Meet, Nail Junkie

(L - R) Purple Blue G. ( original bottle ! ive had this forever) San Francisco, Call U later

P.S. Bonus points for interesting names.


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