Friday, July 16, 2010

scrapbooking pages - picture heavy

So here are some pics of layouts i've done for my scrapbook. I really enjoy scrapbooking it can be an exspensive hobby but I try to use magazine clippings and lots of sales items to ley some of the cost. So few things you may not know about me I have lived at the Grand Canyon Natl. Park in Arizona. I worked for Xanterra and had the joy of living there from 2002- 2004. There are some scrap pages with some of my G.C. experiences. I am a great Titanic lover, long before the movie I enjoyed reading and hearing things about the Titanic. The movie just further fueled my passion I was lucky enough to get to visit the musuem in Branson,Mo. Most people know about Gizmo my maltese but here are a few pics of him when I first got him. Also some pics of the St. Louis Botanical gardens. Hope you enjoy. Gizmo's cleaning service
Gizmo when we first got him @ 8months old

More Gizmo

Art club trip page 2

art club trip sophmore year

Titanic musuem @ Branson, Mo life jacket

Titanic Musuem page 2 picture from the memorial service

Titanic Museum page 3 my boarding pass

Titanic Musuem page 4 Lady Duff Gordans Dresses

Me and Scarlett the bird @ Hopi House in AZ

1st Christmas in AZ.

My move to the Grand Canyon.

Senior Picture

Page 2 All grown up!

My baby picture page 1 in 2page spread
St. Louis Botanical Garden Dragonflys and Water lillies
Fountain @ St. Louis Botanical Gardens
Page 2 Flower gardens
Page 1 flower gardens

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