Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cont...... Polish pics Sinful

Sinful Polishes - Great price, awesome color variety, mostly good application depending on the shade, I mean come on these people have been around forever they are deffinetly doing something right. Do you guys remember Daisy the Pig? Very old shade it was amazing I don't have it anymore but if any of u do can u post a swatch. Memories...... Sorry almost broke into song. Urge over moving on. Alot of these i've shown on the site some not but I will be reposting swatches of everything in my stash soon just wanted to get the bottle shots over with.
My only complaint is Sinful polishes take forever and a day to dry. I have heard this on many blogs so I don't feel so bad. Wonderful Sinful creators can u speed up dry time other than that please keep doing everything else u have been doing. Oh and re-launch Daisy the Pig and some of the other oldies but goodies. 5*****!!!!!

Out of this World
(L - R) What's your name? , Bali Mist, Tokyo Doll

(L - R) I Love You, Dream On, Euro Trash

(L - R) All About You, Daddy's Girl, Show Me The Way

( L -R) Serena and Chloe, Let's Meet, Nail Junkie

(L - R) Purple Blue G. ( original bottle ! ive had this forever) San Francisco, Call U later

P.S. Bonus points for interesting names.

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