Friday, October 22, 2010

We have a winner!!!!!

And the winner is....................

I will be sending u an email shortly once u respond I will send you the gift card code


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

24 hrs till I draw a winner ..$65.00 CSN gift card ENTER NOW!!!

24 hrs left till I draw a winner if your not entered get your tush over here and tell me your email and follow my blog thats all it takes. Open to U.S. and Canada only (sorry international beauties i'll be hosting a big giveaway very soon for everyone)

here are some cool things i found on there site modern bedding Penguin pillow $24.00 They also have a owl and butterfly that I found. O.k update there is a whole menagerie of animals too many to list but they are cute!!!!
Welcome to the greatest innovation in framing for all of your favorite pics without the hassle of hanging, hooks and hammers! Simply peel off the backing, attach your photos and stick on the wall. With Stickr (frame) you can create a whole gallery of pics in minutes!

•8 frames included
•No hassle of hanging, hooks and hammers
•Simply peel off the backing, attach your photos and stick on the wall
•Perfect for your kids to hold pictures $19.95 set of 8

•Your choice of oval or rectangle
•Leaves no residue on your walls
•Printed on a pliable chalkboard sheet material
•Backed with adhesive
•Overall Dimensions: 17.7" H x 14" W $6.25/ea

There are a million more things I could show you but i'll leave it for you ladies I found tons of things I could combine for $65.00. Now shipping is on you but hey free $65.00 it cant cost that much to ship.
Enjoy and I wanna know what you get!!!!

Enter via comments....
GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sorry it took me swo long to post these ladies i've just had alot going on. These were great to swap and I cant wait to make some looks w/ these excuse my sloppy swatching but I was in a rush to get it done. Also why has no one told me that if u go from swatching a OPI pro bottle to a OPI mini bottle u will feel like you've gone from a paint brush to a fine detail nail art brush. I guess i've never bought one of the pro brush bottles b4 and it was very much the same brush as my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have wide nails so I like that I can cover more are in one stroke, but they can be messy too. I'm still in the middle on these brushes. Also the mini brush for OPI can we say little but maybe I just felt that way from going from one extreme to the other. I know you have all seen these colors before but they are new to me and I LOVE EM!!!!

Opi Mini Cool Ghoul, Boo- Berry, Jack's Back, Witch Way

This was as much glow as I could get from the glow in the dark maybe if i had it on longer? Couple pics of my new winter coat isnt she a beauty $10.00 @ a yard sale I'm going to be warm and HAPPY!!!

Opi Ink, reminds me of sinful Daddys girl. 2 -3 coats Opi Green-wich village,I LOVE THIS i've been lemming this for awhile and now its mine!!! 3- 4 coats OPI Catherine the Grape 2 -3 coats very pretty purple w/ sparkle/shimmer. Icing Money talks, I saw this on a site don't remember which one and I like it very deep green light from with in looks different in some of my pics but not black like some dark shades.

Piggy Polish the right to bare feet ( i know for the toes but my feet not pretty so thumb shot) I LOVE THIS wow look at that color pay off 2 coats maybe 3.

Color club 2 violet 2 coats as always cc can do no wrong in my book only did 2 coats cause i didnt want to have to spend an hr getting it off great alone or for layering.

China Glaze outta bounds, sexy in the city, agent lavender,2 coats blue paradise 2 - 3 coats on all again CG can do no wrong outta bounds reminds me of sinful daisy the pig

So ladies what do you think? Me im in LOVE!!!!

Also dont forget I will be drawing a winner on Friday get your entry in..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Garage Sale haul!!!

So tonight i've got an awesome haul to share with u I purchased each of these for $.50 and the OPI Halloween Kit was $2! How cool is that don't you love garage sales? On to the goodies....
My nail of the day Confetti Smitten w/ SH Hidden Treasures over top. I love this Wish I had some sunshine so I could show u a pick of how great this looks. The smitten really shows purple in the sun and w/ Hidden treasure over it its amazing. Gotta take it off in a little bit cause i've got work tomorrow how lame.

I really chipped that middle nail after only 1 day.

Awesome pants I picked up @ the gs for a $1 how cute is the leather look on top?

Brand New Leather jacket $5.00 (BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!!)

China Glaze (l-r) Outta Bounds, Sexy in the city, Agent Lavender
China Glaze (l-r) Agent Lavender, Blue paradise, OPI Catherine the grape

Opi Ink, Opi Green-wich village, CC Too Violet, Piggy polish (my 1st)the right to bare feet, and Icing Money talks.

Opi Mini Cool Ghoul, Boo- Berry, Jack's Back, Witch Way plus decal goodies!!

So yes ladies I hit the mother load tonight all this for $15 plus a pair of jeans and 2 books can't go wrong there. I will have swatches asap work till 4 2mrw so maybe sunday or monday.
Have a goodnight!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New bag, shorter nails, new clothes

Hi ladies! Hope your all doing well thought i'd post a few pics of some new clothes and a purse I recently picked up. Also show off my very short nails, with my recent job i've not been allowed to wear polish so i'm hoping to get some pics up soon of some nail art. so these are my poor abused nails lovely aren't they? gotta get all the nail polish removed but ive been un motivated. But no longer they are going to get the full treatment this weekend!

This is a cute jacket that I thought would be fun w/ a tank under it.

This is a fun retro piece that has bell sleves.

Animal print can't go wrong.

This is comfortable i've already worn it

I love the details on this shirt

I like the flower detail and the dangles plus its a fun green color.

I hope to have some pics up in the next few days of me modeling some of my new cloths.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

contest update

Ladies i've had a death in my family my Uncle Ronnie passed away. Plus i've had a few other life problems get in the way so I am going to extend the contest to Oct. 22nd 2010. That way I can focus and give it the attention that is needed. I want to wrangle up some more followers and give CSN some good p.r. So with that sorry if this is a problem for anyone but I want to be able to offer the best I can.

So look for some new revies and some great craft ideas to pop up soon.

Thank you
Have a good night.
Love Lisa

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Its a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right ladies I've been approached by the wonderful people @ CSN STORES

They are allowing me to pass on to you (drum roll, please) $65.00 gift card for there site!!!!

But first a few rules:
The shipping is not included on anything you purchase with said gift card.
Right now this giveaway is open only to U.S. and Canadian Residents (sorry).

You must be a follower of my blog.

Now that we've gotten the formalities outta the way on to the good stuff.

You would like more than 1 entry to win u say?

I say blog about this on your blog and then post a comment with a link 2 your post. That's good for another entry.

Follow me on face book for a 3rd chance, please put in friend request "give me another entry!"

**Special bonus entry** to my original followers when u enter please add original follower to your comment and ill throw an extra entry in just for you!

And Finally add me to your blog roll for another entry.

I will draw a winner on Sept. 30th around 10pm CST. I will notify the winner shortly after via email. So when entering please comment to this post w/ Ur name and a email address u can be reached at. I will give the winner till Oct 3rd to contact me if they do not respond by then a new winner will be drawn and notified on Oct 4th.

(Not to frown my international beauties I will be hosting a polish give away soon that will be for everyone. Well as soon as my 2nd full check clears which should be the first week of October)

CSN stores are providing the $65.00 gift card special thanks to Sean from the public relations office He was kind enough to answer any and all questions I had. I will always supply information of where things come from if it was given to me or I've purchased it just ask.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


A moment of silence............................

On a day like this lets all remember what is truly important life, liberty, the pusuit of happiness, being able to wake up and start fresh fix it make it better, or just walk away and move on. To those who lost there lives on 9/11 we will never forget out of the ashes a nation has risen.......

God bless,

Today is my little sister Lauren's Bday I am unable to see her and tell her Happy Birthday due to some issues. (a very long story) But if she happens to stumble upon this Happy 17th Bday Lauren!!!!! You are missed and LOVED by me and MOM.

Life is too short live it to the truly is better to burn out than to just fade away. Today as well as every other day I want to extend my love and caring to my family, friends, nail family, and everyone else. Just think we are all 3 people away from knowing everyone in the world. That said I want to find those last 3 people and know them, make the world a better place lets learn from the tragedy the pain lets do the hardest thing there is to do in this world lets live in it. (Buffyism at its best).

I love you all!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Confetti & studio m

So here we have Studio M Not So Subtle part of there new fall line. Ill be going back for the rest. Its a grey lavender type shade and I LOVE IT it applied like a dream the color pigment is A+ another hit from Meijer I love there brand polish. This is 3 coats. Could get away w/ 2.Here is a pic of my bare nails my poor broken nails.Confetti - My Favorite Martian this is 4 coats the pic shows nail line but i couldnt see it irl. Fun color reminds me of Sinful show me the way . Great sparkle cant wait to use it in a mani could color good application will be buying more of these soon cause i heard they wont be restocking due to some kind of lawsuit. Smitten- This is amazing its a blue purple sparkle from within gemstone. I took a ton of pics hoping to show this off to the best i think i got some great shots but im going to have to take some sun shots. This is 3 coats could have been 2. Again im liking these Confetti colors wish they wernt getting stopped. Will have to grab some more b4 they are gone.

So i just started a new job that says i cant wear polish when im working so that blows to me but i will be working these into some great designs and ill get em posted when i can. Im also going to go back to Meijers and get some more of there new fall shades at least they have names this year so much easier there colors looked similar to some of China Glazes new fall line so ill have to grab some of them for a comparison. Well ladies have a good night