Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New bag, shorter nails, new clothes

Hi ladies! Hope your all doing well thought i'd post a few pics of some new clothes and a purse I recently picked up. Also show off my very short nails, with my recent job i've not been allowed to wear polish so i'm hoping to get some pics up soon of some nail art. so these are my poor abused nails lovely aren't they? gotta get all the nail polish removed but ive been un motivated. But no longer they are going to get the full treatment this weekend!

This is a cute jacket that I thought would be fun w/ a tank under it.

This is a fun retro piece that has bell sleves.

Animal print can't go wrong.

This is comfortable i've already worn it

I love the details on this shirt

I like the flower detail and the dangles plus its a fun green color.

I hope to have some pics up in the next few days of me modeling some of my new cloths.

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