Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sorry it took me swo long to post these ladies i've just had alot going on. These were great to swap and I cant wait to make some looks w/ these excuse my sloppy swatching but I was in a rush to get it done. Also why has no one told me that if u go from swatching a OPI pro bottle to a OPI mini bottle u will feel like you've gone from a paint brush to a fine detail nail art brush. I guess i've never bought one of the pro brush bottles b4 and it was very much the same brush as my Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. I have wide nails so I like that I can cover more are in one stroke, but they can be messy too. I'm still in the middle on these brushes. Also the mini brush for OPI can we say little but maybe I just felt that way from going from one extreme to the other. I know you have all seen these colors before but they are new to me and I LOVE EM!!!!

Opi Mini Cool Ghoul, Boo- Berry, Jack's Back, Witch Way

This was as much glow as I could get from the glow in the dark maybe if i had it on longer? Couple pics of my new winter coat isnt she a beauty $10.00 @ a yard sale I'm going to be warm and HAPPY!!!

Opi Ink, reminds me of sinful Daddys girl. 2 -3 coats Opi Green-wich village,I LOVE THIS i've been lemming this for awhile and now its mine!!! 3- 4 coats OPI Catherine the Grape 2 -3 coats very pretty purple w/ sparkle/shimmer. Icing Money talks, I saw this on a site don't remember which one and I like it very deep green light from with in looks different in some of my pics but not black like some dark shades.

Piggy Polish the right to bare feet ( i know for the toes but my feet not pretty so thumb shot) I LOVE THIS wow look at that color pay off 2 coats maybe 3.

Color club 2 violet 2 coats as always cc can do no wrong in my book only did 2 coats cause i didnt want to have to spend an hr getting it off great alone or for layering.

China Glaze outta bounds, sexy in the city, agent lavender,2 coats blue paradise 2 - 3 coats on all again CG can do no wrong outta bounds reminds me of sinful daisy the pig

So ladies what do you think? Me im in LOVE!!!!

Also dont forget I will be drawing a winner on Friday get your entry in..


  1. I like the Piggy Polish... I see those when I'm in Ulta and I just haven't gotten any. I think I should. They usually have really interesting colors. I like all of your swatches! :)

  2. Thanks!!! I've seen em on sites b4 but wow I was really impressed the color pay off was amazing. We just got a Ulta here in Springfield last week so i'm going to pick up some more of these when i've got time. Let me know what colors u get.