Friday, October 8, 2010

Garage Sale haul!!!

So tonight i've got an awesome haul to share with u I purchased each of these for $.50 and the OPI Halloween Kit was $2! How cool is that don't you love garage sales? On to the goodies....
My nail of the day Confetti Smitten w/ SH Hidden Treasures over top. I love this Wish I had some sunshine so I could show u a pick of how great this looks. The smitten really shows purple in the sun and w/ Hidden treasure over it its amazing. Gotta take it off in a little bit cause i've got work tomorrow how lame.

I really chipped that middle nail after only 1 day.

Awesome pants I picked up @ the gs for a $1 how cute is the leather look on top?

Brand New Leather jacket $5.00 (BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!!)

China Glaze (l-r) Outta Bounds, Sexy in the city, Agent Lavender
China Glaze (l-r) Agent Lavender, Blue paradise, OPI Catherine the grape

Opi Ink, Opi Green-wich village, CC Too Violet, Piggy polish (my 1st)the right to bare feet, and Icing Money talks.

Opi Mini Cool Ghoul, Boo- Berry, Jack's Back, Witch Way plus decal goodies!!

So yes ladies I hit the mother load tonight all this for $15 plus a pair of jeans and 2 books can't go wrong there. I will have swatches asap work till 4 2mrw so maybe sunday or monday.
Have a goodnight!!!

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