Saturday, September 11, 2010


A moment of silence............................

On a day like this lets all remember what is truly important life, liberty, the pusuit of happiness, being able to wake up and start fresh fix it make it better, or just walk away and move on. To those who lost there lives on 9/11 we will never forget out of the ashes a nation has risen.......

God bless,

Today is my little sister Lauren's Bday I am unable to see her and tell her Happy Birthday due to some issues. (a very long story) But if she happens to stumble upon this Happy 17th Bday Lauren!!!!! You are missed and LOVED by me and MOM.

Life is too short live it to the truly is better to burn out than to just fade away. Today as well as every other day I want to extend my love and caring to my family, friends, nail family, and everyone else. Just think we are all 3 people away from knowing everyone in the world. That said I want to find those last 3 people and know them, make the world a better place lets learn from the tragedy the pain lets do the hardest thing there is to do in this world lets live in it. (Buffyism at its best).

I love you all!!!!!

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