Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sicky Poo

So I was going to do some nail stamping when I got off work today. But I have felt like the world is spining. Not a ride I stood in line for. So I figured nail polish fumes even as well ventalated as I try to be. Did not seem like a good idea. So I will be back with more stamps tomorrow.

I am posting a link to a site calles cute overload not sure if you know it but its all about amimals. Cute awesome fuzzy/non fuzzy animals! So when I feel icky or just need something to go AAAWWWW!!!! The site is always there with updates daily if not more per day.

Check it out. Now i'm off to catch up on all my children. My total soap weekness. So do any of you watch AMC or like fuzzy animals (but than again who doesn't like fuzzy animals?). Let me know i'd love someone to yak about soap plots with. Also whats your feeling icky routine?

Here are a couple pics of Gizmo my own cute overload right at home.

SO the top pic ws snapped by mo as he was going into the garage. I think gizmo was looking for a wrentch.
2nd and 3rd Gizmo in his blur prince shirt looking silly and oh so serious and stern
than the pivital tongue to nose action how silly.

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