Monday, May 4, 2009

Nail Haul

So over the last 2 weekends i've gotten some great polishes and I just wanted to share them with you.

Sinful:(available at most retail stores for sure walgreens$1.99 and meijers$1.88).
#387 Bali Mist- A pink shimmer 2 coats and looked great
#833 Show me the way med. green with sparkle flecks have not used yet will let ya know when I do. Very pretty!!
#813 Whats you name Black/extreme blue? has blue flecks that hit the light just right very cool. 2 coats and your good maybe 3 but no more.

Art club by color club: (so far only found at meijers$2.99)
#61 malmsy pink shimmer
#48 black hologram speaks for its self but i've included pinks

Massini (also only at meijers$2.99)
magic attraction masive glitter overload i've got pics and they have more colors that i will be heading back for next weekend when i get paid.
G-1 these are from a little chinese store
#69 blue stars and glitter have not used yet when i do ill add pics
#20 brwn/blue/silver/ red sparkles have not used yet will add pics when I do. they were only $1.49 so fun for nail art I think

I took a few pics a little fuzzy but i'll try and take some more later. Also I recieved my
Gcocl pearl in the palm basically its a konad but with out the expensive price tag. I have not used it yet but I am going to in a few mins so i'll get back to you with my results.
Hope you ladies had a great weekend and I will be back shortly with my results.
Also never underestimate the great and different places you can find nail polish. Like meijer ive stumbled across some great brands i've found no where else. The chinese store has great polish and I also found rhinestones for pretty cheep. I've read on many blogs about finding great polish in wierd or unusual places so just keep an open mind.


  1. how nice to find all that great stuff. I like your nail art. Very pretty. What plates did you get? Looking forward to your nail stamping.