Monday, May 18, 2009


So part of my massive haul has started arriving in the mail.
Here is a breakdown of all that I orderd from :
China Glaze: For audrey, l8r g8r, spontaneous
Color Club, art club: All in, limeade (nail art)
Nail Polish remover pads with built in tab to hold it with so you dont ruin your polish. Great invention!!
All In all my experience with this company was pretty good shipping was fast from NY to IL. Wonderful price on the polish. I had to call them to make sure they recieved my order since I placed it Sat night and never heard anything. Guy on the phone was a little rude with the we are closed on sundays even though HIS DAMN WEBSITE says OPEN ON SUNDAY CLOSED SAT. (But whatever) I will still probably order from them again they are not any worse that the evil skanks at Sallys who act all rude everytime i'm in there. At least ordering via computer cuts down on some of the rude people interaction. Plus I am very happy with my polishes and they were packed very well so 4 out of 5 stars would have been 5 if not for the annoying assness on the phone.

polishes: Ocean and Paradise
eyeshadow: Cherry and Hollywood
glitterwand: Tokyo Night and Azure
Glitter (lose) Fuschia and Lime
There are more items coming from this company but they were ordered seperetly. Shipping was pretty fast from CA to IL. handeling took a little time but this was all bought during the 50% off NYX so i was forwarned it may take a little longer to process orders. So it was totally worth it. Packaging was well done. I cant wait to get my 2nd order. I hope you all took advantage of the 50% off. 1st order shipping was a good price 2nd order shipping was free. wish I had known they were changing there special i would have waited a couple days and ordered it all at once.
i am giving them 5 out of 5 stars. Great company will buy from again they have lots of great stuff and even there regular prices did not seem bad to me.

Loreal Hip blush in coquette bought at the grocery store for $2.50. Very nice, i have a couple of eyeshadows from this brand but not the blush i really like it and for 2.50 could not pass up. Funny the odd little places you find stuff.

meijer allthough they made me mad last week and i walked out with out buying anything i went back and got some color club nail art in solid silver and aqua. Still an ok price. But not as cheap as 88 beauty supply.
But i did get to bring them right home.

I will add some pics tomorrow of everything. For now here is a pic of for audrey. I am including a couple so you can see how it can look kind of green in some light and blue in other light. But a very wonderful color that im going to have to order more of before i cant find it any more.
I also went and got my cuticals trimmed at the local cosmotology school so they look ok but I think they could look better might have to go back next week. I know there learning but shouldnt they learn to do it right the 1st time? Owell i guess i expect too much from the world a friendly cashier and someone to do what im paying them to do.

I will also be adding some new nail art i;m just too tired to work on it tonight. 9 hr shifts with no break are starting to catch up with me.
Well ladies have a great night!!!!!!


  1. Love it when a good haul starts coming in! Great pics. For Audrey is so pretty.

  2. So pretty on your lovely nails! Nice sounding haul too! Enjoy!

  3. How pretty your nails look. I also ordered from cherryculture. I just ordered NYX stuff. At the school their just starting to work on people. Their very nervous and unsure. So you have to be a little easier on the students.

  4. Thanks ladies!!!!!! I don't mean to sound like a bitch but I just wish the damn instructors would give the students more attention. But the lady that did my nails was a sweetheart. Just they should be more hands on teaching.