Monday, May 11, 2009


So I bought my first bottle of Orly np this weekend. And I must say I was very impressed. I got My Beau #40677 at walgreens on clearance for $3.49. (not sure if thats a good price but I was o.k. with it). Also I got Arissa a new brand at family dollar $2.00 in rockin amethyst. Worth the money very nice application. My pics are not that great cause I was at work all day around chemicals and opening boxes so there is some wear and tear but I think you will get the general idea. I have also put in orders to eighty eight beauty and Cherry culture. So hopefully they will arive soon. I am very excited cherry culture has NYX 50% off till the 15th so take advantage and shipping is very resonable.
Here are links to both:

The chick over at (52)Flavors also has one of the arissa polishes so I a, attaching a link to her site but i am not sure if she has put any pics up yet. But take a look for it i think its a couple posts back.

I was very happy with the application mine just looks funky from work. Plus i didnt get good pics cause its dark out of the bottles and my cam batteries died so no reshots till new ones.

Its a cool purple with flecks. $2.00 I am saying grab it next time your in a family dollar they have other colors that was just the one that caught my eye. If you dont have any orly try walgreens clearance its a nice base color I am going to try some stamping over it. Look for posts soon.
Also here are the links for the guy selling the stamp set that I purchased on ebay
just look under stamping. Come from Hong Kong so shipping takes about a week or two but well worth it. Great service and please mention Lisa and Mohamed sent you.
Well that is it for now. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there. I know I took my little furbaby out shopping on sunday for some goodies at Pet Smart.
Also in end note please donate to animal shelters and animal causes in this time of need lets not forget our four legged friends need some help too. A dollar here a penny there it all helps. Always try to do one good deed per day it makes you feel better trust me. O.k . enough bable Goodnight


  1. That is such a pretty manicure and a verry nice shade of purple :-)

  2. I like French manicures with a dark tip. Looks pretty on you.

  3. Thanks!!!!
    The polishes were wonderful application wise. I need to get some of those french nail guides. I've never used them b4 but have heard that they are o.k.