Wednesday, April 29, 2009

color club art club

So I recently stumbled across Nail art club by color club GREAT STUFF!!! $2.99 at my local Meijers. I am inclosing some pics of some nail art I acomplished with it. There brush was awesome. I got 2 colors hologram( sparkle) and orchistra(purple) but now since I love em I might have to go back for more. I will definetly have to look into some of there other polishes i've seen em up on other blogs but never knew they had the nail art polishes. I am very pleased and will be looking into getting some more.Definetly recomend them if you like nail art.

Swirls & Dots

This nail art was achieved using

Revlon............ Sweet nothings.....Rendez-Blue.........Base Nail Color

Stripe Rite..........Blue, Black, Gold

Wet n Wild..........French White Cream

Dotting tool

and as always Sally Hansen Nailgrowth mirical salon strength. base coat.

How to acomlish this look:

Take rendez-Blue I used about 2 - 3 coats to get the desired shade. Take your stripe rites and start at the base right hand side and make a stripe with each color. Not too long. Kinda depending on the nail length. Alternate the color stipes. Than take the wet n wild and use your doting tool to make white dots around the stries.
There you have it. Rendez Blue is very pretty but very opaque so you might add more coats as to reach your desired effet. It also is reflective kinda a pink almost in certain light. It was a fun design to make hope you try it and enjoy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Living with a Maltese

Meet Gizmo------>

He is my boyfriend Mohamed and I's 1 1/2 yr old maltese. Living with him is crazy and funny at its best. At its worst its spastic. He is a puppy so that totally explains that part. I had never had a maltese before so it has been a asdventure. He is a great dog and I love him like a child. Sometimes I think my friends get annoyed that I refer to him as my kid. But damnit I listen to there kid stories they can listen to my puppy kid storries. Besides I think mine are funnier. Plus when my kid makes me angry I can put him in a cage Ha beat that! Having Gizmo is like any thing else in life annoying sometimes but you would not give it up for anything. So i'm going to share some fun Gizmo pics.

Dark Pleasures - Steel-Etto

No i'm not writing about some cheezy romance novel. Although I am guilty of reading them from time to time. No this post is about revlon nail polish. I took some pics and I was a little disapointed in the quality but I think you can still get a good idea of whats going on. Now I do like this color but the polish is a little sketchy. It was sheer consistant at first but it went darker 2nd coat by 3rd it was a great color. I would have liked to have seen a smoother application. Some nails are a little ruff. All in all I got it at Big Lots and I would probably buy it again with some more patience I think it would work well. The color is a Silvery-black almost reminds me of a cast iron skillet or cauldron. Over all opinion buy it just have some patience with the application process.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hot Pink and Black nails

So I created some great black/pink nails to match the outfit i wore to my friends wedding over the weekend. I used a small mini bottle of sally hanson pink and black stripe polish. I would like to try this look again I think I can make it into a tiger stripe with enough work. I will also include a pic of my awesome hat that inspired the look. The hat was the best part of my outfit I picked it up when we were down in Louieville,KY. Great Place that I highly recomend visiting.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Sorry for the fuzzy pics this is the best I can do till I find the other camera. You kinda get an idea of what I did. Just through blurry eyes. I was able to get the cam to take great pics of the bottles. I also used Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. Great stuff it has kept my polish vertually chip free since last Sunday night.

So my Polish for this week has been really cool dots using the Milani Polish Neon lights and Pink out loud. Pink out loud is a great hot pink with sparkle. Neon Lights also has the same sparkle effect. With some fun nail art crystals I got at the dollar tree. Definetly check em out if there is a store in your area.

Easter nails

So these are my Easter nails. The pic is not that great but I used Wet and wild in French white for a base. Varies rite stripe polishes for the designs. And Neon Lights milani for the dots. I recomend all these brands they are great! The wet and wild and the Milani you can get at any drugstore. Usually they are on sale so check them out. The stripes are from Sallys. If you can get past the rude sales staff they are great polishes and I have been experiminting with them ever since I discovered them a few weeks back. Also I always bottom coat with Sally Hansen Nail growth miracle. Protects your nails and helps them grow. I've been using it for years.