Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swatch Lucky Penny Sally Hansen

Quick Post

Sally Hansen Lucky Penny part of my massive haul from the last post.
This is 3 coats could have gotten away with 2. It is amazing copper penny goodness. If you can find it GET IT!!!! Reminds me of Zoya swatches i've seen for one of there copper colors.
P.S. lots of recent nail breakage from opening and lifting boxes at work. But I still like the color even on short nails.
Tell me what ya think???

Massive Savings Haul

Hello Ladies:
So today I bring you some pics of some wonderful polishes I picked up over the past weekend.

Dane's Discount - (which unfortunetly is going out of business) I found a ton of Sally Hansen gems:

1st we have from left to right: Naturistics : Ever Green Pearl, Sally hansen: Peek-A-Boo, Violet Frost, Midnight Mauve Frost, Burgundy Orchid, Lavender Sky, Scarlet Ruby.

left to right: Black Pearl Chrome, Fuchsia Chrome, Romeo Red, Lucky Penny

All of these were $0.40 each. How awesome is that all this polish for like $5.00.

Next we have Big Lots ( I just got a job there and all these gems were 90% off plus and additional 20% thanks to my discount so I got em for next to nothing)

From left to right: Sally Hansen Salon: Hollywood Scarlet, Always Amethyst, Nicole: Pink Different
Bottom left is Rosewood Frost.

These little gems I found in a local salon for $1.00 each. On the back they say Chicago Il and Bee Sales Co. Cant wait to try out these beauties.

Well I was on a massive NO BUY but there was no way that I was going to pass all this up for what I spent and saved. I hope to have some swatches asap.
So what do you think?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Haul - Make up and Polish

So these are my most recent buys

1st off from Walgreen's Rimmel #830 Camouflage, Green awesome color and it was on clearance. $1.79 I think. I am asumming they are making room for new colors so everyone might want to check and see whats on sale. Rimmel is a favorite of mine I love there mascaras and there eyeshadow is great.
Also at Walgreens I picked up Borghese nail kit in Serena. $10.00 4 mini shades that I cant wait to see how they look. Swatches asap.

Next we have Sally Beauty: I went there to get hair coloring supplies over the weekend and ended up with the jewels. Fresh for the holidays Sally brand polish no names just #s the gold is #EH9239 silver is # EH9237. They are clear polish with sparkles Hexagons and circles. very cool and only 79cents with my sally card. They had some other cool holiday polish and gift sets that I will be going back for very soon. 3rd we have Meijer's I got 2 more of Massini's Fall Promo colors.
I got a red and a purple this time. I have not tried the purple yet but the red was very pretty. I will get swatches up asap.

O.k. so I went to target on Sunday in hope of finding discounted halloween goodies and came home with makeup goodies instead. So target is now selling E.L.F. or at least for the holidays they have some E.L.F. stuff. First up the eye shadow brush $1.00
Next jewel tone trio $3.00 royal purple, pearl, and dark navy. Wonderful colors and the purple is beautiful when I see my mom i'll take some pics of her nails that I painted with it. Stunning good formula 2 - 3 coats and amazing!!!!!! Plus $3.oo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally : Eye edition make up pallet $5.00. 12 eyeshadows 2 cream shadows and 1 eye liner 1 brush. We have Sparkle and workable, wearable shades for all occasions. I am in love. I will work up some looks with this asap and post. The price is E.L.F. affordable and the pruduct is amazing run to target before its gone. I found mine on an endcap by the makeup on the main aisle.
Last but not least we have Belle De Jour from the Gallery a salon here in springfield Rockstar Diva Signature Quad.
Amazing $30.00 ( but me being bargain gal I got it for $12.00 since it was the last one and had been open for people to look at.)Wonderful pigment and staying power w/o the aid of primer. silver, pink, drk pink, maroon. This is the salons custom line. It goes to show look everywhere and you can find awesome stuff at affordable prices.