Monday, August 2, 2010

Frankenish All about you melody in mocha euro trash

So today we have OPI Melody in Mocha, 3 coats
w/ Sinful Euro Trash 2 coats, and All about You 2 coats. 7 coats I dont think ive ever had that much polish on my nails. Oh and Diamond top coat shit thats 8 coats no wonder it took forever and a day to dry. I was just going to use Melody in Mocha but it was kinda plain so than I had the bright idea to add euro trash and all about you. But I LOVE how it came out kinda bronze shimmer. I usually dont go for this shade but i think it lookes really nice on me.

There is alot of sparkle to this when u get it out in the sun I just couldnt capture it on film.
You can see just a little bit in this pic the orange sparkle that comes from All About You.

My poor ring finger there is hardly any nail. This is actually some grow out it broke so far down I thought I was going to lose the whole thing.

Melody In Mocha on its own. Not a bad shade just kinda plain had to spice it up a bit.
Well ladies what do you think?