Monday, August 23, 2010

A hit and a miss.....

Well I have had some Hit and Miss looks this month Color wise they were all hits, application wise not so great. Lets take a look at the pics and u be the judge.
My poor pinky and ring fingers on my right hand have suffered some big breaks this month. Hopefully they won't take too long to grow out. But it is nice to be able to show how the colors look on short nails too so I guess there is a small silver lineing.This is massini Fall promo shade _ red and wet and wild Black Creme w/ Massini Magic Attraction, and Drama Queen glitter on ends. This was a hit this was 3 coats and 2 coats glitter. Miss was my rhinestones fell off which was a bummer. But I love the colors and the glitter add in. So i'll have to work on making this a bigger hit.
Sally Hansen Violet Frost, Peek A Blue these were 4 - 5 coats due to the sheerness of the colors. The only reason this is a miss is cause my colors smudged while drying and looked like crap after. The colors are very pretty spring colors sheer but fun I was going to do some nail art on these but gave up after they smudged. Don't u hate that?

My new hair cut a HIT but my pic is a miss cause the humidity spiked and u can't see any of the great volume I had. I'll take another pic soon after I style my hair.

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