Monday, August 30, 2010

Borghese nails, Kleancolor haul, mini shopping spree

First off a pic of Gizmo can't go wrong with a smiling Maltese!
A Pic of my nail growth so fsr on my right hand Pinky and Ring fingers slow but steady.

Neon Purple 2 coats could have done 3 but not bad can u see the shimmer?

Cobalt Blue 4 coats but could have gotten away with 2-3 but I straked the first coat and had to adjust to get maximum coverage.

The purple is a little darker irl. The blue is pretty accurate.

Neon Purple , Cobalt

My new Gap Bag got it @ a store going out of business here in town for $3.00
I also got a new blazer and some flip flops but I didnt take pics ill post them asap.

Campanula Bellflower 5 coats , Solaro Sunshine 4 coats

I was not that impressed with these they took way to many coats and than they were a terror to dry. The purple was more purple irl and I liked it more than the orange.

Well I really like the Kleancolors I paid $2 @ a local beauty supply store and I will be going back for more when i've got some more $.Also they dried fairly quickly and the smell wasnt too bad and I had read on a blog that they stunk but they were ok. The Borghese are not sharing in my love right now. I just get annoyed at long dry times and multi coats.
Well i've got some great ideas for upcoming posts so I will hopefully get them up and running soon and I hope to revamp the site soon.

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