Saturday, October 3, 2009

Massive Haul

So i've had one of those crappy times where its like everything goes wrong. I was involved in a fender bender, my computer has started acting all crazy well more accurate my internet so if my posts are iratic its from that. I am on the prowl for a new job with out anything looking good in the near future. But on to the positive I have been able to snatch up some great polish. My friend Marissa @ Trade secrets in Springfield Il gave me and my mom some rocking hair cuts! As soon as I take a good pic i'll post the new look i'm rocking plus the fun hair color!
So all in all I guess not everything is bad kinda 50/50. I am working torwards more 90/10. Well here are some pics of the new polishes. I have a Meijer, Sally's, Walgreens, Walmart, Big Lots Haul. I found wonderful polishes. Also I got the new China Glaze Matt top coat and its awesome. I recomend anyone run to the nearest Sallys and get it. I will post names asap. But I am trying to get this post done before the internet goes down on me. I will get some pics of some nail art, polish samples up asap. I have BIG plans but have been side lined with massive back pain and other issues but I hope to be 100% and start giving more to my blog. I will also have some book reviews and scrapbooking goodness. Also some hair color reviews, plus pics from my trip to the alpaca farm and some gizmo shots from some events he will be going to for halloween. Also hopefully some halloween makeup tips. I am very excited and hope you will be too just bare with me and my internet malfunctions that I will hopefully get straightend out very soon. I am trying to upload my pics and I am having a hard time so I am hoping to get them done so I can show everyone the great polishes I have come across. o.k blogger will not up load my pics i will find a way to post them tomorrow i am going to bed and try again later today.


  1. glad you're back... and hope for a 90/10 for you reall soon! :-) can't wait to see your coming posts :-)

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.