Saturday, October 3, 2009

some pics!!!!!! updated with info!!!

Big Lots Haul so big lots is awesome if your willing to dig for the goodies but dig i did and i came out with some awesome polish and a good price

nicole - fanatical fuchsia - i like it a pic to come with what it looks like purple goodness
sally hanson - earthen opal - i will have to take a pic cant describe but wonderful brown/red tinge sparkle/ beautiful fall color
revlon talk dirty i have not swatched yet but i know ive seen pics on blogs of this color and from what i remember very cool color
sally hanson -sweet almost a rust color have not used yet will swatch soon nice fall color

Meijer Haul

opi - miami beet pretty pink color i like another great fall shade

massini- fall promo shade- ( i swear it says that so i guess thats the name) (wierd, creative, lazy????) bronze shade with reflective colors will swatch soon
o.k. just lazy the purple one says the same thing! How funny yet odd. looks like purple suade will swap soon might be a alt for the new opi colors ill keep ya posted asap with pics

all the colors i got are super awesome and i hope you enjoy them!

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