Saturday, October 17, 2009

My first graduating nails.

So I did my first set of graduating nails the other day and they turned out very well. I would like to try it again but with a brighter yellow. All in all pretty easy to do.

First off here are the colors I used: Loreal, b Angeli #915Facets , Unmarked Sally Hansen, Sinful, Daddy's Girl, Sinful, Serena and Chloe, Loreal B Impulsive #950 Crystals (not pictured for some odd reason), Love My Nails, All That
I was quite happy with the overall look of this and my mom got several compliments for her nails over the week. I am adding a couple more pics of her nails after wearing for a week. Again the only thing I would have changed was a brighter yellow for the base of the nail. Never be afraid to try new nail techniques this was fun and pretty simple to acomplish the hardest thing was waiting for it all to dry 100%.

Please check out this wonderful site where I got my insperation to try this beautiful nail look from.

She has wonderful looks and ideas. Her graduate is the post from Oct. 6th. She used some different brands but same colors so check it out. i love insperation is a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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