Saturday, October 3, 2009

more haul pics and name updates

Walgreens haul
Sally Hansen - red carpet - wonderful red glitter polish reminds me of the dorthy who polish everyone tallks about.
Sinful - nail junkie - green sparkle w/ gold flecks has awesome octogon sparkles.
Borghese- purple - campanula bell flower, awesome purple color kinda light so multi layer but very pretty ill post a pic soon the brushes for these polishes is very thick but i liked how it applied the polish. orange - solaro sunshine - have not used yet will describe better when i do pretty orange in bottle though.

Walmart Haul
my 1st love my nail polishes
pretty in pink - pink octo sparkles
all that - blue/purple square sparkles
glory - red white blue stars and stripes

love them so much I want to thank for posting about these awesome polishes great for nail art / top coats. She has wonderful pics check them out so far i've only used pretty in pink but I like it makes a great pattern. I love all this octogon shaped glitter thats out all f a suddon in the fall colors fun shapes!!!

Sally's Haul

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matte magic is amazing!!!! China glaze has done it again I love there colors and this is beyond words it is indeed magic 1 coat and matt in all its glory.
Fortune teller more octo goodness in orange with black jelly wonderful in its own right looks like a fire with matt coat over it.
Run dont walk and get it NOW!!!!!!!! A must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact all these polishes are amazing and I say get em. They all have there own wonderful points and look that makes them amazing!!!
I will be updating the post that was before this one with the names of the colors in those pics. Sorry bought the small pics but that was the only way to upload em. But load they have so Yeah!!!


  1. How nice you got Fortune Teller. It's so gorgeous. I'm anxious to see how the China Glaze matte top works.

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.