Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Ribbon Nails

So these are the Pink Ribbon nails that I did for my mom. I used Finger Paints Berry Shiny and Art Club Malmsy. 3 coats of berry and than I drew the ribbons on. I think it came out very well. Finger paints has a great formula and went on with out any problems. And of course Art club is awesome goes on with no problems and I love there brushes.

Happy Halloween Nail Polish Divas

Happy Halloween !!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My first graduating nails.

So I did my first set of graduating nails the other day and they turned out very well. I would like to try it again but with a brighter yellow. All in all pretty easy to do.

First off here are the colors I used: Loreal, b Angeli #915Facets , Unmarked Sally Hansen, Sinful, Daddy's Girl, Sinful, Serena and Chloe, Loreal B Impulsive #950 Crystals (not pictured for some odd reason), Love My Nails, All That
I was quite happy with the overall look of this and my mom got several compliments for her nails over the week. I am adding a couple more pics of her nails after wearing for a week. Again the only thing I would have changed was a brighter yellow for the base of the nail. Never be afraid to try new nail techniques this was fun and pretty simple to acomplish the hardest thing was waiting for it all to dry 100%.

Please check out this wonderful site where I got my insperation to try this beautiful nail look from.

She has wonderful looks and ideas. Her graduate is the post from Oct. 6th. She used some different brands but same colors so check it out. i love insperation is a wonderful thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contests on several blogs

First up there is a wonderful Mac give away @

she is giving it up wonderful mac products it is going on till Friday Oct. 9th. Must be 18 and open internationally.

Good Luck!

next up

The Hungry Asian is having her first giveaway!
She is giving up Mac Baby Goth Girl, China Glaze Fortune Teller, and hard Candy Mr Wrong. Her contest is open till Fri Oct 16 and open to anyone international too!


Painted Lady Fingers and OC Nail Art are giving away a konad sponge kit.
Konad Sponge Nail Art Kit 2, Image Plate M13, and Princess Polish in gold black. I am excited at the posibillities that this kit would offer. It runs till Oct 15th and is open internationaly.

So check out these sites ladies they have great things to offer and know how to put on a great contest.

Good Luck to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

swatches, nails, bottles oh my!!!

So it was a dark and windy night..... whoops wrong story! Well its true but not exactly what you want to hear about. It has been nice and cold in Illinois recently no Indian Summer for us. I worry what winter holds weather wise polish wise i've got lots of plans. On to our swatches and a guest set of nails.
Borghese- Campanula Bell Flower - Middle Finger Alot lighter than I expected this is 4 coats. nice color though. Sort of a lilac.

Nicole - Fanatical Fuchsia -Index Finger Pink/purple 2-3 coats

OPI - Miami Beet -Thumb More purple and deeper in person 2- 3 coats

On to our guest nails that you will be seing alot more of these are my mom Sylvia's nails. She is my favorite nail client minimal bitching and she lets me do pretty much anything as long as it looks good. So this is China Glaze Free Love with Color club nail art Black Glitter. I really like Free Love good formula nice color a great fall shade. I put a little spider web on the middle fingers. I was going to get more in depth and do a spider too but she was getting tired of sitting so maybe another time.

I also have another look on our guest nails- These are those Fall Promo colors from massini I love them they are great polishes. The brown rust orange color is a duro chrome it reflects such awesome color. The purple one is glitter amazing the color is a wonderful fall/ winter shade. If you have availability to get these grab em up. i have only heard of them at meijers. If anyone ever finds these elsewhere or wants a bottle and cant find them anywhere let me know I will gladly pick one up for you. All I ask is ya pay for it and shipping and it will be done.

Then we have China Glaze Fortune Teller. Amazing color I know by now its made the blog circuit but i've got to add my 2 cents. Also I spoke about it in my last post but these are the pics! The last 2 are with the matt top coat I was so excited I missed a couple spots but now that I know what to expect I cant wait to use the polishes again and again. Have to come up with a great halloween mani just havent figured it out yet still in the brain storming stage. Gotta work fast though its almost here.

This pic is fuzzy but I wanted to show the orange sparkle that the polish has and this is the best pic I could get to convey it.
someone on a blog said this was like lava and I agree 100% that or embers from a fire it is amazing quite the conversation starter.

These are some more swatches of my recent haul. I will re swatch sweet and earthen opal cause they are way prettier than what came out and they are not dupes they just look like it in the pictures. there were more opal polishes at big lots so i think ill have to look for some more great color just need to take some better pics.

Thumb Borghese- Solaro Sunshine 4 coats again great color but needs lots of coats

Index Sally Hanson - Earthen Opal very pretty a sparkle 3 coats

Middle Revlon Talk Dirty dark with a hint of gold 3 coats

Ring Sally Hanson -Sweet red with sparkle 3 coats

Pinky OPI Miami Beet (again just to show with other colors)

Finally we have my current mani Sinful Serena and Chloe. Awesome orange with sparkle. I love Sinful polishes and have been a fan for years. Plus at a $1.99 a bottle you can not go wrong. I do wish they would boost there formula for a quicker drying time other than that no complaints. 3 coats I love the spakle it throws.

Gizmo calling the shots from my office chair.Have a great day polish lovers and I hope you enjoy my picture heavy post.