Monday, July 13, 2009

L.A. Colors Intense/ Sinful ufo

So today i'm going to let you in on the best kept secret there is a place called Deals in my town. It's like the dollar store or family dollar but with some cooler finds. But you have to snatch them up then and there, there is no oh i'll come back cause if you go back they will not have it.

That said on to the polish I scored for $3.00 for 4 bottles of polish that i've found online for no cheaper than $6 plus shipping.

I like them well enough. They need at least 3 coats but other than that its nice not to streaky.
The Sinful polish on the middle finger is UFO. Pretty color kinda translucent. Have to work on finding a happy medium with that color. Or more patience I think I was in a hurry the day I took these pics

The next time I was in Deals they did not have any more of these. But they did have other L.A. color makeups. So maybe i'll grab some the next time i'm in. I'm sure I will bust these out again soon and take some more pics.

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  1. Pretty nail polish. Sounds like an excellent place to go for bargains. What brands are the other polishes? They look like Nars bottles. Glad your back posting.