Friday, July 31, 2009

Orly Prim & Proper, New York Summer Alpha Jewel Glitter

So I took about 150 pics of this because non of them were capturing the real look of this polish. But I finally came up with a few that were not to bad. Orly Prim and Proper is a pink lilac shade. And New York Summer Alpha Jewel Glitter is a glitter that is awesome. It has massive payout sparkle wise. Both were good application although I think I should have put 1 more layer of Prim and Proper. This is only 2 coats.


  1. That's a pretty shade of lilac. Of course I love glitter! Looks really pretty on you. Have you used many of the New York brand of polish? I've seen it on TransDesign and wondered about it.

  2. So far i've only used the glitter but I have a couple other colors to try. I am in love with this glitter you cant tell in the pics but its like a rainbow on your nails. When the light hits. So far i have had it on for 3 days and no chipping with out a top coat just the glitter polish on top.