Sunday, August 2, 2009

Swatches - C.G., Orly, New York Summer,L.A. Colors

So I am loving all these colors in there own ways. Application was fine for all in varrious levals. Some needed more coats than others, but not a big deal it happens. The color payoff was awesome.

Colors on fingers are as follows:
Left hand: Pinky -yellow l.a. colors
Ring -pink l.a. colors
Middle - short n sassy china glaze
Index - calypso blue orly
Thumb - mint mojito orly
Right hand: Thumb - pink l.a. colors
Index - blue l.a. colors
Middle - amaranth n.y summer
Ring - withc's blue orly
Pinky - hot sky blue n.y summer

First off Orly: I am a little late in the game reviewing since these are older colors but they are brand new to me so I am going to add my 2 cents. I went to Sally's Beauty and they had Mint Mojito and Calypso Breez on clearance $2.99 each. So great price! Orly continues to please me with great product. The mint is fun and summery. Took 3 - 4 coats to get the shade but I LOVE IT! Calypso Breez 2 coats and blue goodness! A nice blue for all seasons. Witch's Blue from my Trans Design haul. Dark Blue with shimmer. Almost a dupe for yagota get this blue by OPI. 2 coats and awesome. A good fall or winter shade.
Next China Glaze: Short and Sassy from the new 70's collection. Dark vampy red w/ a tinge of almost black 2 coats and your good. Love it!
New York Summer: Amaranth green I did 2 coats but needed 3. Kinda dried matt almost looks like a crayon sleek and new. Very cool
Same goes for Hot Sky Blue 2 coats but could use 3. Same matt new cayon look. Awesome colors, also from trans design the only site i've found them for sale on.

Finally L.A. Colors Amp'd collection. No color names. But they were only $3.50 at Deals. Fun summer polish. Bright, Funky, definetly Intense! I also reviewed the High voltage collection a few posts back. If you don't have a Deals I have seen these at Cherry Culture for $6.50. Nice application and Great color.

Yellow is pretty sheer but good application compared to some yellows. shimmer and its like gold sparkle. 4 - 5 coats

Purple pink is almost a fushia. Great color 2 -3 coats

Pink is bright and sparkly 2 - 3 coats. Screams Summer!
Blue is darker but lighter than Witches blue but same concept shimmer fun. 2 - 3 coats
If you don't have these already get your self to sallys, transdesign, cherry culture and stock up they are awesome and you need them in your life.


  1. great summer colors! thanks for the review... I just stoped infront of orly's clypso blue in the drugstore and had to force myself to go away and leave it there... I'm done with polish shopping until september. (Be strong, Inbal, you can do it!) I hope it'll be there for me when I come back...

  2. I have to get the Orly Mint Mojito. I love that shade. You bought some nice polishes.