Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stripes, Art Club and Sally

So I did some nail art the other night using the new sally polishes I got at Meijer.
First we have Gunmetal: it's a silver,grey metal color. Has almost some blue undertones. A very cool color I would recommend to anyone. Very nice for nail art I used it as a base for mine. It looks nice with the variety of colors I used for the nail art. I am sure I will get lots of use out of this color. Great application 2 -3 coats.

Next we have: In the Navy: A wonderful true navy blue. Looks blue in all lights. Now we all know that sometimes you get a dark blue and it looks almost black. I am very pleased with this color. Again it worked wonderfully with the variety of colors I used for nail art. Great application, 2 - 3 coats.

I am not sure if these are from Sally Hansen's newest line or not I think Gunmetal is but not for sure. None the less great colors and definitely a must have for fall.

On to the Art Club Nail art
Colors by fingers: Thumb:malmsy- Pink/purple & Aqua - blue
Index: Orchistra- purple & Limeade - Green
Middle: solid silver & Red Glitter
Ring: Aqua - Blue & Stripe Rite orange glitter
Pinky: Black Hologram & Stripe Rite purple/
lavender glitter.

So for the nail art I did I just made stripes with alternating colors. A simple pattern but I like it very fun. Lots of great color but it could be simplified to a couple colors and repeated on all nails.


  1. Very pretty artwork on your nails. I love all the different color stripes.

  2. What a great nail art polishes - and you do such a good job with the stripes !

    Also these two Sally's are very pretty :-)