Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Orly - walk down the aisle, color club - worth the risque, blue glitter stripe

So I did this awesome french mani with orly and color club.

Orly - walk down the aisle - a very sheer extreme light blue with glitter/shimmer. 3 - 5 coats to get this
color club - worth the risque - is a awesome holo silver shimmer. I love this color! Its amazing holo goodness! Application is dream with the polish. 2 coats at most

striper - blue glitter - good application if ya get the brush clean enough i get anoyed with the brush sometimes its not stiff enough but all in all a great product for nail art.
so i used orly for the base and than color club for the tips and the striper for the smile line.
I am pretty happy with how this came out I just need to work on my stripe skills. I will definetly work on this one to make it better.

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  1. The last picture was the best. I couldn't really see the colors well. Cute look.