Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diamond Strength Sally Hansen Mini Polish

So these were in my nail container when my last bottle of Stop Traffic broke and ended up on everything. Had fun trying to clean that mess up. But that was the first bottle I had broken in a very long time.
I got these polishes a few christmas's ago from Walgreens I think. These are great little polishes, some you have to put a few coats to get the color you want. They dont have names on the bottle and the packaging is long gone.

So the thumb is red/pink w/ a shimmer 2 coats
index is a champaign color also a shimmer 3 coats
middle is a sea foam green very irridecent needs several coats to get the coverage shown
ring is purple/ violet very irridecent 3 coats
pinky blue shimmer very pretty needs several coats to get the coverage shown

I am going to try and put some of the more sheer colors over a black and see what comes of it. They are nice little polishes I just wish they had the names on them. I have two more bottles of the diamond strength and some indulge polishes to show u in the next post.

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  1. These pictures came out much better than your others. I guess it's hit or miss with the light polishes. I bought some of these minis at Christmas. they came in al little kit with topcoat. No names on any of them. I haven't even used them yet. They are really pretty shades.