Wednesday, August 12, 2009

O.P.I Yoga-ta get this blue & Orly Nail Bonder and In A Snap

Please ignore my cuticals and the extra polish on my hand and not my nail. ( looks like a 2yr old did my nails) I have been at home the last couple days and really didn't have the patience to clean up my nails. That and my cuticals need trimmed but I haven't had the funds to go and get it done.

So this is a oldy but goody. Yogata get this blue is from OPI'S India Collection. I have had it for a couple years and I like it alot. It is a true dark blue, does not look black in any light. Also has some sparkle like flecks in certain light. This collection was really cool but I think this is the only color I ever bought from it. I think I got some lipstick from this collection but I'll have to dig around and find it.

Also I have been using orly nail bonder and in a snap. Since i'm broke and can't afford a new bottle of Sallys hard as nails till friday. I thought i would try out the bonder. I didn't use anything for a couple days and noticed some discoloration on my nails from the polishes so thought I better try some thing. I got this from a kit at sallys a month or so ago that is for french nail design. It works pretty good. There is a bit of a smell. But nothing toxic just a slight rubber glue type smell. Kinda odd but whatever. In a snap I may or may not buy again if I ever empty this bottle. It does smooth the nail very well. But I have seen lots of tip wear and I have only had this on for like 2 days. Not long enough to justify. I don;t know maybe i'm just being picky. That and is made for orly polishes and I have been using it with other brands but still there should not be that big of a deal everyone mixes and matches. Being as I got it on sale not a big deal. Try the bonder for sure and make your on choice on in a snap but if you need to smooth out a polish deffinetly try it.

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  1. That is a really pretty blue on you. I love it. Have you tried a cuticle remover? I bought one from It was really cheap for such a big bottle. It's called Blue Cross cuticle remover. It does a great job of softening your cuticles. Mine are so much easier to push back now. I do it once a week. You should try it instead of having your cuticles cut.