Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cross hatch pattern

So I saw some cool nail art on Nail Art Tuesday:
She did this awesome crosshatch pattern so I thought I would try and duplicate it. Now she used pink and gold but I used pink and Silver.

My left hand came out pretty good. But than I had 10 different people call my house and as I was trying to do my right hand and get them all off my phone. So it was not as great. So than I got annoyed and decided to take it all off. But not before taking some pics. I like the pink and silver combo. Also the application was great from my rimmel stop traffic and my color art silver. Next time I decide to embark on some intense nail art I think ill let the machine get all the calls.

A word of advice make sure almost all the polish is off the nail art brush, you want thin smooth lines. I am showing both hands so you can tell where my brush strokes were too wide. You want thin if you get too thick it starts to look sloppy.
The middle finger has towards the bottom to thick of a brush stroke as well. Not as noticible but you want to stay pretty uniform. But for doing it by hand not too bad.

See everything was going ok till the bottom brush stroke too thick. Now I was going to go in and fill in some of the diamonds so it was not such a big deal with this particular nail.
I know this pic is fuzzy but I added it cause I wanted to show what happens if the lines are too thick. It will mess up the pattern as you can see on my middle finger. Way to thick and than the pattern is lost.
Now on the other hand (litterly ha ha does anyone remember that song from the 80's maybe early 90's by Randy travis. ) The pattern is almost perfect. Thin lines and a good crosshatch.
It is a fun pattern not really hard to make just need some patience and remember to turn the phone off.


  1. Such a cute pattern. Very pretty! Too bad about all the phone calls...lol!

  2. You've really done a terrific job! It's so pretty. I really admire all the work it took to do the manicure. I love the pink and silver combination. Next time let the machine get the calls! Isn't it always the way that you get calls just when your doing your nails.