Thursday, July 16, 2009

NOTD & TOTD Makeup review

So today I am rocking Sally Hanson Xtreme Wear #50 Rockstar Pink. (what a tongue twister) over Rimmel #280 StopTraffic. I have had stop traffic before but than my bottle was broken in a little nail polish mishap and I had to rebuy it. Rockstar Pink is from sally new line though. I like the rockstar over stop traffic it add a fun edge. Although stop traffic shines on its own together they are unstopable! Deffinetly a must have if you don't already have them. Also as a bonus stop traffic dries in 60 seconds!

On to my toes. Yes a hideous toe pic. There toes they look toey. Sorry for any future traumas I may inflict with these pics. But I did pick up the new wet and wild polish in morbid.Kind of a vampy green/grey. I like it but i'm thinking more for a manicure next time. Its nice for fall and winter so another recomend. I think I paid a $1.99 maybe 2.99 don't remember but not outrages. The bottle reminds me of the mac polish bottles that i've seen in pics. Gizmo had the funniest look on his face when I was trying to take my toe pic. Like what r u doing mom. And r u sure u want people looking at ur toes?

So on to the make up review. My pics are kinda not up to par I will try and do a look with this soon and post pics. The color pay off is awesome for this L.A. Colors Tease pallet. I found this at family dollar for $2.50 I think. But after swatching it I would have paid more way more.
The pigment is wonderful in this u cant see the orange and yellow very well in the pic but they are awesome as well! Another must have if you like fun colors! Also for franken polish this might be interesting.

On a personal note i'm going to the chiropractors to get my knee looked at on Sat so hopefully they will work there mojo and make me all better. My knee is in so much pain that I have made my house smell like a nursing home with as much icy hot as ive been using i should buy stock. My 4th of July Look!!! Love the hair clips!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well wish me luck ladies and hopefully i'll have some more nail pics and a make up look posted soon.

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  1. I love Rockstar Pink! Looks pretty over the Rimmel polish. I just bought that, Disco Ball and Strobe Light last week. They are three amazing Sally Hansen Xtreme glitters. Good luck with the chiropractor. I know when I went for my knee it really helped. I haven't been back in a long while. I do miss going. My knee used to slide out of place a lot. I used to tell me chiro to just jump on me since everything is out of place.