Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stripes, Art Club and Sally

So I did some nail art the other night using the new sally polishes I got at Meijer.
First we have Gunmetal: it's a silver,grey metal color. Has almost some blue undertones. A very cool color I would recommend to anyone. Very nice for nail art I used it as a base for mine. It looks nice with the variety of colors I used for the nail art. I am sure I will get lots of use out of this color. Great application 2 -3 coats.

Next we have: In the Navy: A wonderful true navy blue. Looks blue in all lights. Now we all know that sometimes you get a dark blue and it looks almost black. I am very pleased with this color. Again it worked wonderfully with the variety of colors I used for nail art. Great application, 2 - 3 coats.

I am not sure if these are from Sally Hansen's newest line or not I think Gunmetal is but not for sure. None the less great colors and definitely a must have for fall.

On to the Art Club Nail art
Colors by fingers: Thumb:malmsy- Pink/purple & Aqua - blue
Index: Orchistra- purple & Limeade - Green
Middle: solid silver & Red Glitter
Ring: Aqua - Blue & Stripe Rite orange glitter
Pinky: Black Hologram & Stripe Rite purple/
lavender glitter.

So for the nail art I did I just made stripes with alternating colors. A simple pattern but I like it very fun. Lots of great color but it could be simplified to a couple colors and repeated on all nails.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Meijer Haul

So I was not going to buy any polish for a very long time. But than I went to Meijer and they had Sally Hansen hard as nails Gun Metal and In the Navy for $0.64. Could not pass up .64 cent polish. They seem like great colors I will swatch them asap.

Then I went down the makeup aisle to see if there were any other good deals. I came across Massini polish on sale for $1.99/ea. Usually $2.99 not a big price difference but still a buck is a buck.

So I got Sexy siren - blue glitter
Drama Queen - red & silver glitter
Tru Passion - purple glitter

So I love these glitter polishes. They are the ultimate glitter blinged out. I have never found these any where but at Meijer but i've done some research and I think its something they have made for them specially. They are also very similar to color club nail polish from what I have heard, also some have the same name as some of color clubs polishes.
It is not a smooth polish it has a texture. But with a top coat you will be fine. My pics are with out top coat.
Definetly a must have polish for anyone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last 2 diamond strength Polishes and 3 Indulge polishes

So here are the last 2 diamond polishes and 3 Indulge polishes.
Thumb hot pink 2 coats very beautiful
index clear glitter sparkle ususally use this as a layer
middle purple 2 - 3 coats
ring beige sparkle best as a layer
pinky purple lavender several coats will have to be layered to get best color pay off

I know this pic is dark but it is the only way that i could show off the purple that i was able to achieve. A pretty cool color once you can get it to show up.

I know you cant see any sparkle in these pics but its there. Great for layering but not by its self. I recomend any and all of these colors.

Diamond Strength Sally Hansen Mini Polish

So these were in my nail container when my last bottle of Stop Traffic broke and ended up on everything. Had fun trying to clean that mess up. But that was the first bottle I had broken in a very long time.
I got these polishes a few christmas's ago from Walgreens I think. These are great little polishes, some you have to put a few coats to get the color you want. They dont have names on the bottle and the packaging is long gone.

So the thumb is red/pink w/ a shimmer 2 coats
index is a champaign color also a shimmer 3 coats
middle is a sea foam green very irridecent needs several coats to get the coverage shown
ring is purple/ violet very irridecent 3 coats
pinky blue shimmer very pretty needs several coats to get the coverage shown

I am going to try and put some of the more sheer colors over a black and see what comes of it. They are nice little polishes I just wish they had the names on them. I have two more bottles of the diamond strength and some indulge polishes to show u in the next post.

O.P.I Yoga-ta get this blue & Orly Nail Bonder and In A Snap

Please ignore my cuticals and the extra polish on my hand and not my nail. ( looks like a 2yr old did my nails) I have been at home the last couple days and really didn't have the patience to clean up my nails. That and my cuticals need trimmed but I haven't had the funds to go and get it done.

So this is a oldy but goody. Yogata get this blue is from OPI'S India Collection. I have had it for a couple years and I like it alot. It is a true dark blue, does not look black in any light. Also has some sparkle like flecks in certain light. This collection was really cool but I think this is the only color I ever bought from it. I think I got some lipstick from this collection but I'll have to dig around and find it.

Also I have been using orly nail bonder and in a snap. Since i'm broke and can't afford a new bottle of Sallys hard as nails till friday. I thought i would try out the bonder. I didn't use anything for a couple days and noticed some discoloration on my nails from the polishes so thought I better try some thing. I got this from a kit at sallys a month or so ago that is for french nail design. It works pretty good. There is a bit of a smell. But nothing toxic just a slight rubber glue type smell. Kinda odd but whatever. In a snap I may or may not buy again if I ever empty this bottle. It does smooth the nail very well. But I have seen lots of tip wear and I have only had this on for like 2 days. Not long enough to justify. I don;t know maybe i'm just being picky. That and is made for orly polishes and I have been using it with other brands but still there should not be that big of a deal everyone mixes and matches. Being as I got it on sale not a big deal. Try the bonder for sure and make your on choice on in a snap but if you need to smooth out a polish deffinetly try it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aqua Poppy Designs
So here is a link to the awesome site that I found my new background at. She hosts wonderful free backgrounds and does web design. Check out what she has.

Cross hatch pattern

So I saw some cool nail art on Nail Art Tuesday:
She did this awesome crosshatch pattern so I thought I would try and duplicate it. Now she used pink and gold but I used pink and Silver.

My left hand came out pretty good. But than I had 10 different people call my house and as I was trying to do my right hand and get them all off my phone. So it was not as great. So than I got annoyed and decided to take it all off. But not before taking some pics. I like the pink and silver combo. Also the application was great from my rimmel stop traffic and my color art silver. Next time I decide to embark on some intense nail art I think ill let the machine get all the calls.

A word of advice make sure almost all the polish is off the nail art brush, you want thin smooth lines. I am showing both hands so you can tell where my brush strokes were too wide. You want thin if you get too thick it starts to look sloppy.
The middle finger has towards the bottom to thick of a brush stroke as well. Not as noticible but you want to stay pretty uniform. But for doing it by hand not too bad.

See everything was going ok till the bottom brush stroke too thick. Now I was going to go in and fill in some of the diamonds so it was not such a big deal with this particular nail.
I know this pic is fuzzy but I added it cause I wanted to show what happens if the lines are too thick. It will mess up the pattern as you can see on my middle finger. Way to thick and than the pattern is lost.
Now on the other hand (litterly ha ha does anyone remember that song from the 80's maybe early 90's by Randy travis. ) The pattern is almost perfect. Thin lines and a good crosshatch.
It is a fun pattern not really hard to make just need some patience and remember to turn the phone off.