Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First attempt at Water Marble

So here are some pics of my first water marble looks. I would like to try again soon they came out ok for a first try. I did learn a few things cold or luke warm water is the best. Hot water NOT GOOD. OPI works better than Sally Hansen but that may be cause the water was too hot. I'll have to try again with cool water.

Things I learned from reading about water marble nail art
tape is your friend
paper towels are a must
patience although not my strong point did help me keep trying till I got some nails I liked
its pretty easy once u get started

so the last couple pics are fuzzy cause my camera sucks and does not know what macro is for some reason. The designs were pretty though i wish u had a better pic to tell by

have a good nite ladies ill be back with more pics soon and hopefully a 4th of july look


  1. OOH! Love the design in that last picture. You really did a good job! I've tried doing this before, but I don't have a lot of patience and I gave up real quick. I definitely need to try again! :)

  2. Thanks!!! I though it was pretty neat. I only did a few nails cause it was more practice than anything. The biggest issue i had was water temp and making sure the polish was attached to the side of the container so it doesnt pull than mess up the design. I cant wait to try again.