Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First post in ages

HI Everyone!!!
I know I am a bad blogger. It has been months with out a post but lie got in the way and every reason I have will sound like a excuse but its really not. But I am back and hope to work my back to steady posts and reviews.

I have been told by the Dr's that i am pre cancer free!!!!!!! Big sigh of relief!!!!!!!!

2nd I am still trying to recover from my car accident from last september. Hopefully the dr's involved with the case will sign off soon and i can go on with my life.

3rd ive moved around alot in the past months and not had internet access but that seems to be solved for the moment.

ok on to polish goodness..........
Here we have Pearl by ELF and Maui By Wet and WIld.

pearl took 5 coats b4 i was satisfied with the coverage pretty color pain in the ass to apply coat wise. The polish itself was not bad just very opaq in my opinion.

maui is from wet n wilds new collection and its a mini bottle beautiful blue good coverage. 2 coats

i was just messing around so my pics are crappy but i think u will get the effect.

ok I have pics i swear but blogger is not uploading or my conection is acting up not sure which?
I will post the pics asap.

I want to thank everyone who ha stayed a follower you are the best. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the pursuit of great nails.

Love lisa

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