Monday, June 28, 2010

Sally Hansen Polishes

So today I thought I would start a series of posts of the different brands that i've got. I figure than if anyone wants to see a certain color u will know what I have and can reqst it. Some of these are pretty old colors and some are from newer releases.
These came in a Christmas mini set. They do not have names. I have swatched these b4 just look em up in the archives.
(L - R) #21 Scarlet Ruby, #23 Burgundy Orchid, #7 Garnet Lapis, #19 Lavender Sky

(L - R ) #06 Violet Frost, #06 Midnight Mauve Frost

(L - R ) Lucky Penny, Peek A Blue, Romeo Red

(L - R ) #53 Fuchsia Saphire, #67 Peach Crystal, #28 Titanium Chrome, #12 Black Pearl Chrome

(L - R ) #10 Earthen Opal, #61 Always Amethyst, #03 Glow, #350 Hollywood Scarlet

(L - R ) #05 Rockstar Pink, #30 Red Carpet, #24 Shooting Star, #42 Gunmetal, Sweet!
#41 In The Navy

(L - R ) Hidden Treasure, #81 Sunrise , Sunset

Well there u have it my Sallys in all there glory. I am trying to reorganize all my polishes so this was the best time to take pics so stay tunned more posts and pics to follow.

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