Sunday, June 27, 2010

Orly: Calypso Breeze, Mint Mojito, Prisma Gloss Gold

So my notd is alternating calypso breeze and mint mojito w/ prisma gloss gold top coat. I had actually forgotten I had another mint color and was happy to bust it out I picked these up last fall at sallys on clearance. It is not the same kind of mint as Essie Mint Candy Apple. But mint none the less. They are great colors and I really like the gloss it is very sparkly. The gloss came in a duo with the forest green color from the fairy tale collection.
Calypso is 3 coats but was fine coverage wise in 2 coats. Mint mojito was like 4 - 5 coats to get complete coverage even though it took that many coats I still love it. And Primo gloss 2 coats.

A fun summer combo that I would like to try as a water marble look when I get a chance. I had never gotten around to using the gloss and am quite happy with it. It made a very smooth top coat, beautiful shine. WOW look at all that sparkly goodness all bottled up!! Thank you Orly.The blue looks darker to me than in the pics.

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