Thursday, June 24, 2010

shoes shoes and more shoes......

So I thought I would show you ladies some great shoes that I have picked up over the last year. I have just recently started rebuilding my shoe collection. Rebuild you ask? Well not so funny story ever date an ASSHOLE? Ever have to leave the home you shared with said ASSHOLE? Yeah me too! So long story short lost some great shoes and other misc. stuff in cross state move about 5 - 6 years ago and am just now re interested in having great shoes. So with out further dwelling on past mistakes on with the SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiger Lilly Sandals The style i have is envy and they are in classic black. I have the animal add on straps and jeweled clips. These are great comfortable and wonderful support. I got them at a second hand store in Rochester, IL but you can find them at

These beauties were going to be my birthday shoes but my knee was killing me so I ended up having to wear some flats. Hope to rock these real soon.

My glass slippers - the glass. I LOVE these my mom got them for me for Christmas and they are awesome. These shoes are a work of art. The heels are amazing and fun. Very comfortable!

These are Pierre Dumas.

These are also Pierre Dumas! My mom got me these while she was down in Ak. I tried to take a pic of all the bead work but it wouldn't come out these are so detailed.

This purse I got at a Halmark store to go with these shoes.

These came from Payless and are American Eagle brand.

Also from Payless. I love the rose and cutout detail.

These beauties I got last night at Meijer haven't worn em yet but plan to spice up some jeans with them real soon. These are Massini brand.

So there you have it a peek into my shoe boxes. Shoes are just like nails they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles.
Best of all they can be a great insperation for nail art. Can you imagine Glass slipper nails, or that great lime green with orange jewels?

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